LiFe iN FiR@'s WorLd!!

June 24, 2009

You Click,DiGi Donates!! *jom click ramai2!!*

hey guys!!!
i juz came across dis while i'm reading newspaper while waiting in da clinic 4 my mother.... n i thought dis is very interesting... one easy way to do sum charity work.. n it is juz a click a way!! ;p juz go to da website n there's lots of causes to choose to donate to!! u juz click at it n DiGi will donate RM5 4 each click!!! mind u,dat u can only click one time(unlike da lipice contest... hehehe... ;p ) ..u can donate to which eva cause dat is close to ur heart as i choose HOSPIS as remembrance to my late aunt... al-fatihah...

neway,let's click everyone!! da due date is 7 days more n u dun hav to be a DiGI user.. it doesnt matter wat network u r using.. so,wat do u waiting 4??

ur one click can make a difference in sumone's or sumthing's life!! ;p



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